Thanks for taking the time to visit my page! I so appreciate that and I hope you enjoy my work.
My name is Cindy Combs and though photography has been a passion and hobby for years, putting my work out there and opening myself up is altogether new for me! The photo you see here my friend Heidi took. I love that she captured me laughing! I am blessed beyond measure and so thankful to God for all He has given me.
I am happily married to Chad. He is the love of my life, and the greatest blessing God has given me on this earth, second only to my salvation, of course! Chad and I have three children. My oldest is married and has two children, and Chad and I have two younger children; currently ages fourteen and twelve. I home-school them and enjoy it immensely.
The name Clearly Focused Photography comes from my hope that my work will always CLEARLY reflect what is first in my life and that is my walk with Christ. I also pray that I will stay FOCUSED on what is most important, and that is showing others who He is, and the beauty that He has created around us, and also that time is passing by so very fast! Let's capture those birthdays, those beautiful babies, your Senior who is about to graduate from high school, or any other occasion or event you would love to have photographed! I would love to celebrate and share in your memories with you.
May God Bless you as He has blessed me,